Make No Bones About It ...
Best Darn Bar-B-Que Ever
Barbeque Catering... It's What We Do

We supply a very unique product, a product seldom found in this part of the country. Cooking good barbeque involves a lot of time, patience and good old-fashioned hard work; most folks aren't willing to do what it takes - we are!

We cook our barbeque slow and easy using only seasoned hardwood to fuel the fires. Beef brisket is a Texas tradition and one of our specialties. Our brisket spends up to sixteen hours in the pit where it's transformed from a tough cut of beef into something so tender and delicious it's hard to describe.

We Brine our pork butt with special spices, sugars and salts for three days. Slow smoked for twelve to fourteen hours for the juiciest tender unique flavor ever.

Our chicken and turkey is brined as well with special spices, sugars and salts for three days. Slow smoked to a golden brown. Very juicy and flavorful.

Our Ribs are to die for! Tender fall off the bone good.

We run a clean, neat, organized professional operation, again something not normally associated with barbeque or catering for that matter.

We know what we are doing! After sixteen years we have gained enough experience to handle almost anything that comes our way; large groups, bad weather, last minute changes, equipment breakdowns, we take it all in stride. A slogan that has served us well through the years is: "under promise and over deliver", it has taken us from the street corner to being one of the most highly respected, in demand, catering operations in the DFW area.